About Us

An app that ensures transparency, quality of service & convenience.

Our story began when we saw a huge gap in fairness in auctions of the used automobile industry and that some kind of censorship was sorely needed to save the rights of all parties involved. Enter our solution, Mazadak, an app that ensures transparency, quality of service and convenience. This app serves as a credible and reliable middleman between buyer and seller, individuals or businesses, to sell and deliver cars, watercraft, aircraft, motorcycles and heavy machinery. For now. As for the future, it’s wide open.

About Us

Corporate Message

With Vision 2030’s digital transformation plan in place setting high standards for the growth in and of the Kingdom we as citizens need to do our part wherever we can. Our part is to provide an online auction space to help put an end to fraud in the used automobile marketplace and other items.

What will yours be?

In A Nutshell

What we strive to do is provide a fair game auction for both parties through our practices of monitoring the exchange, eagle eyed inspection of items to be sold or received to ensure the best quality, and ease of services.



To conquer the market with a compelling auction journey by setting a credible, transparent & reliable experience.



Making the auction commerce smooth for everyone by setting new standards.