Terms and Conditions

Mazadak App means an online application providing an online service of selling as a broker, public purchasing or bidding through the App by enabling the User whether (seller, buyer, or bidder) to sell or buy item in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

Vehicle (s) or Equipment: shall mean the vehicle (s) or equipment offered in the auction to be outbid by the bidders.

Wreckage: shall mean separate parts of any vehicle or equipment after crashing.

Alpha Gulf Auction Company (The Company):  shall mean the App Management / Exhibition Management / Heavy Equipment Yards.

Inspection Center: shall mean the place where item are inspected in exhibitions /heavy equipment yards or equipment or vehicles that are inspected at their location.

Inspection: shall mean a process aims to assesses the main parts of the vehicle.

Transportation services: shall mean a third party (Strategic partner for Alfa Gulf for Auctions) for transporting items from the client to the company’s site or from the company to the client’s location or from a client to another.

Photocopy Center: shall mean application photo shooting center that takes photos of item for entry into the Application.

Evaluation Center: shall mean a specialized center that evaluates the value of item according to international standards and the current value of a vehicle or equipment.

Financial entity: shall mean any institution referred to as a financial entity, such as banks or financing companies.

Broker: An individual or a commercial agency that arranges transactions and deals between the buyer and seller, and thus receives a commission – previously agreed upon – upon the completion of the transaction.

Sale value: It is the value that the auction was awarded upon.Registered persons: Companies with value-added tax (VAT).Unregistered persons: Companies without value-added tax (VAT). 

Buy Now: shall mean direct purchase without going through the bedding process. In case of choosing such option and accepting vehicle price, the auction shall stop immediately after the amount is transferred by the buyer and received by Alpha Gulf Auction Company.

Instant chat: A feature that enables the bidder to contact the seller through an instant chat within the application.

This page addresses the Terms and Conditions which can be found and accessed through our website. In addition to, you can register as a user, registering in auctions, conducting sales, buying and bidding operations through the App and taking advantage of (Our Services).

By entering, participating and benefiting from the Services and clicking on the acceptance box or activating your account in the App, the User whether (seller, buyer, or bidder) acknowledges that he has read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this application. (This Agreement)

The App shall have all rights to amend this Agreement. We will notify you of any changes according the provisions hereunder.

This Agreement shall apply to website visitors and users as well as any individual who accessed this App for any purpose or participated in Our Services.

The User whether (seller, buyer or bidder) shall carefully read all the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement to ensure that he/ she understands any and all of the Terms and Conditions described herein.


Sign in and Use:

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you can access this App and benefit from Our Services on the commercial, private and practical levels. In order to use the services of Mazadak App, the User shall:

  1. Sign in and register to obtain and maintain an active personal user account (The Account).
  2. The User shall be at least 18 years old in order to get an account.
  3. After activating the Account, the User (seller, buyer, or bidder) shall undertake not to grant the Account to any other user, otherwise the Company shall have the right to prosecute him in case it becomes clear that the provided user information is fake or not identical to reality or where the name is inappropriate.
  4. The User shall not use any natural or legal person to bid in their name. In case the Mazadak Management discovered any tampering with the user’s identity, a bank account or any provided pro-forma / incorrect information that have been provided, the Mazadak Management shall have the right to confiscate the down payment of item and any fee to participate in the auction.
  5. The User shall acknowledge that all the Terms and Conditions apply to him/her and is eligible for bid and he/ she is permitted by laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to use this App and does not violate any of them. The User shall also acknowledge that the App requires to register an account and provide certain personal information to Mazadak App, such as your name, address, mobile number, gender, age, identity number, and the necessary documents permits required by the company to complete the registration process and activate the User’s membership.
  6. The User shall agree to register an accurate, complete and up-to-date information in the user’s account as failure to enter this information may result in your inability to access and use Mazadak App, or to ban or close the Account.
  7. The User shall bear the responsibility for all activities made under his/her Account. At all times, the User shall agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of the username and password of his /her Account. The User shall not own more than one account, unless Mazadak App allows otherwise.
  8. The User shall acknowledge that he/she has full legal, statutory and religious capacity (qualification for entitlement and performance) and his/her eligibility is free of any impediments established by law and religious. The User shall acknowledge that he/she has the right to own and buy item in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the laws without any impediments prevent the purchase process. Also, there are not anything prevents the transfer of ownership of item, including, but not limited to, lack of eligibility or suspension of services.
  9. In the instant conversation, the User shall adhere to the value of dialogue, not address any topics outside the scope of selling, buying, bidding, using inappropriate words, speaking about state sovereignty, or any political matters or any defamation, and slandering the seller or intermediaries.
  10. In case the User is residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a valid residency permit authorizing him/her to practice the sale and purchase of wreckage, the User shall be required to provide the sponsor’s data, sale and purchase authorization, and other data that the App or any of its affiliates or employees may require.
  11. In case of refusing to provide proof of identity, the User agrees that he may be prevented from accessing or using Mazadak App.
  12. Failure of the User to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Mazadak App or if it becomes clear to the App that you are in violation of any the applicable Kingdom of Saudi Arabia laws, procedures and measures will be taken against you, including, but not limited to:
  • An immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of his/her right to use the Mazadak App with a banding of his/her identity / residency number.
  • Informing this information to the authorities in charge of enforcing law and order, as the Mazadak Management deems necessary.
  • Confiscating the fees to participate in the auction or nay down payment of items.
  • Any taken action that incurred material costs, the User shall compensate the Company for any costs and amounts incurred by the App Management due to such violations, including, but not limited to, the administrative, legal and regulatory costs resulting from this breach.


Terms of Sale:

Using the online Mazadak App to sell is considered a legitimate and religious sale that requires offer and acceptance. The seller’s placement of item in the auction shall not mean an offer by him/ her for sale, rather it is an offer (without) an element of sale. The bidding and the price offer by the bidder are considered as an (acceptance) on his/ her side that has not been matched by the seller’s acceptance of selling the item yet, in case if the price is less than the price requested by the seller.  Therefore, this does not mean the completion and conclusion of the sale. Alternativity, the seller shall accept the amount of the bidding proposed by the bidder for conclusion and completion the sale. In case the seller does not accept the amount, seller shall have four options to choose between them: re-list the auction at a fee as shown in the application, accept to sell at the auctioned price, offer at the showroom, or withdraw it with the following consideration:

  1. The seller (Individual, institution, company) shall pay the fee after the sell according to what is mentioned in the app. In addition to the inspection fees of the vehicle.
  2. If the seller is a financial entity, he is dealt with as a customer who is bind to the selling terms and conditions and Mazadak does not bear any dispute between the financial entity and its client in the event of sale according to the price agreed upon with the financial entity.
  3. The seller shall disclose any deficiency in the item
  4. The seller is not obligated to have an inspection report.
  5. If the seller is an authorized broker, an official document shall be presented to sell an item through Mazadak.
  6. The seller cannot withdraw an item until the auction ends. And the seller does not have the right to end the auction before the designated auction time is over (6 days) and incase of any unpaid fees, the seller is bound to pay before retrieving the item.
  7. The App management provides transportation / shipping service from site of the transportation company / seller in the seller’s city to the branch site of the transportation company in the city of Riyadh / company headquarters or from the seller to the buyer’s location at a special price. The value of additional transportation from the site of the transportation company to the exhibition site or from the transportation company to the client’s location or from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location shall be calculated. As shown in the application.
  8. The seller holds full responsibility for the item transportation in front of the official authorities and if the item has been reclaimed by the official authorities that restricting the company from proceeding/ concluding the deal then, the seller is irrespectively obligated to pay the service fees.
  9. In case of any insurance claims related to the item damage / crash the buyer shall submit his claim to the transportation company and Mazadak will not be held accountable as a result of that.
  10. Fees for any additional services shall be calculated according to the type of service, such as video filming of the item, price evaluation through the evaluation center, or an advanced display of the item through the browsing pages for different periods. The price shall be obtained through direct contact with the call center at 24/7 or holidays on No: 920026625.
  11. Mazadak App determines the selling time as per day, hour and location of the item whenever the vehicle is ready to be inserted into the app and as per the company convenience.
  12. Once the auction ends at the minimum agreed upon / above amount with the seller, Mazadak is authorized to finalize the selling process without reverting to the seller except special financial entities who request their permission to execute selling process according to their procedures.
  13. Once the auction ends at less than the minimum agreed upon price by the seller then, Mazadak must refer to the seller to grant his approval.


If there is any inquiry between the two parties, contact the call center on 920026625 or via e-mail: info@mazadak.com


Terms of Purchase:

  1. The bidder or the buyer understands that auction fees on the items are not sufficient for the auction to be awarded, but the acceptance of the (seller) shall be required for the price where the auction is awarded, otherwise, the sale will not be concluded and the bidder or the buyer will not be worth the item.
  2. After transferring the value and amount received by the App management, the buyer shall have the right to request an inspection report. Accordingly, the report is downloaded as per the possible means of communication.
  3. In case of using the (Buy Now) feature (an immediate purchase of the vehicle without entering the auction), the User shall deposit the item’s value as shown in the application to complete the purchase process after accepting the application’s terms and conditions.
  4. In case the buyer wins the auction, the buyer, after complecting the total payment shall issue the required insurance to transfer ownership. The company shall not deem responsible for any consequence occurs of such delay.
  5. The buyer upholds ownership transfer official fees, in addition of SAR 100 service charge fee.
  6. The bidder or purchaser may apply to join the auction by fulfilling and meeting the following requirements:
  • Fulfilling all the data required during registration and all subsequent requirements required by the Application.
  • Transferring a down payment of the maximum estimated amount of the purchase to the App Management Account with the designated Saudi bank to prove seriousness. The company shall authorize the bidder to use 100% of the initially estimated amount to bid on the item. In case the seller wins the auction then the buyer is obligated to pay the remaining amount to transfer the ownership of the item in addition of purchasing fee plus VAT for the company. In case the bidding is over then the down payment plus fees will be added back to the bidder’s wallet.
  • Once the buyer accepts Buy now, He/she must complete the purchase by transferring the remaining amount and confirming the purchase process. Once the buyer does not commit to finalize the transaction within the time appearing on the screen for reserving the auction (10 minutes), the application management will contact the buyer to confirm and in the case the buyer withdraws after commitment the down payment will be deducted as a misuse.
  • The down payment amount will be reimbursed to the bidder’s bank account in 3 working days. Upon the bidder’s request.
  • The bidder shall be obligated to any transfer service fees if they arise.
  • The bidder / buyer account shall be activated and the possibility of bidding.
  • In order to complete the foreign, gulf or legal entity registration, the User shall have a valid residency, and his profession entitles him to buy and sell vehicles, equipment and vehicle and equipment wreckages.
  • If the sponsor is a juridical person, the sponsor shall submit a copy of a valid commercial register.
  • In case the item has any defects after receiving, the buyer shall have no right of compensation as long as the Company has enabled the buyer to inspect, examine and disclose all their deficiencies. The inspection report is not considered as a warranty of safety and wellness of the item.
  • In case of any insurance claims related to the car’s damage / crash the buyer shall submit his claim to the transportation company and the Company will not be held accountable as a result of that.
  • The bidder shall have no right to test the item the vehicle or equipment outside the inspection site. In case the bidder does anything that harm or cause harm to the vehicle or equipment, he shall bear the responsibility accordingly.
  • The App provides additional services such as buying an inspection report, upon the request of bidder / buyer in consideration of additional fees according to the item category.
  • Before buying, the bidder / buyer shall inspect the item. In case of making an offer to purchase, the bidder or buyer is considered duly aware of the condition of the item. The sale shall be based on condition of “The existing item and location thereof”.
  •  (Item custody yard), as follows:
  • Upon entry, the bidder / buyer shall show his online Account number to prove his relationship with the inspection.
  • In the custody yard, all bidders or buyers shall comply with the laws and regulations of the custody yard, which are:
  1. Attending at the specified times to organize inspection of item through pre coordination with the call center.
  2. It is not allowed to entry the yard during prayer times or carry out any repairs or modifications to the item located in the custody yard.
  3. It is not allowed to bring explosive and highly flammable materials into the custody yard.
  4. It is not allowed to place stickers or any other papers or advertisements on item located in the custody yard.
  5. Tampering with item and/ or any parts thereof located in the custody yard will subject you to the legal accountability.
  6. It is not allowed to take photos in the custody yard.


Bidding Process:

  1. Start bidding:
  • The bidder or the buyer shall follow and respect all the procedures of bidding whether by himself or his authorized representative.
  • After registering at auction and making an offer for items, you may not withdraw from the auction until the auction period has expired.
  • Selling in an auction shall be based on your inspection of the item and their current condition without incurring any responsibility on the company.
  • Once you make an offer on any item in the auction, your bids will be associated with your acknowledgment of its status. The bidder shall have the right to request a duly inspection report without any responsibility on Alpha Gulf Auctions Company. Thus, the buyer shall bear the costs of the report if requested. Listing of item information according to car’s license shall be without any responsibility on Alpha Gulf Auctions Company. Alpha Gulf Auctions Company shall not be legally responsible for deficiencies in any item such as plates, keys, etc. if is missing after disclosing as above mentioned.
  • The minimum increment amount is as what is displayed in the application.


  1. End bidding:

Auction shall come to an end once:

  • Judgment of canceling the auction has been rendered by the legal court.
  • Either of auction parties’ submission to the legal court to decide on the auction Terms and Conditions.
  • In case of the owner’s decease the auction is postponed to another date, and the heirs are notified accordingly.

Once the auction ends and the amount is retrieved to the client’s wallet. The amount will remain in the client’s wallet for 3 working days. Afterwards the amount will be transferred to the client’s bank account upon the client’s request through contacting the call center.

When the auction is awarded to you as a buyer, this does not mean that the sale has concluded. Instead, it is just an offer from you to buy which shall be matched by the acceptance of the owner.

The Company will register acceptance of the seller to conclude the sale and notify you within (3) three working days as follows:

  1. In case the owner (seller) refuses to sell the item, you will be notified accordingly and you will not have the right to claim the items
  2. In case the owner (seller) accepts the sale of items, after notifying you of the auction being awarded to you and acceptance of the seller to sell the items, you shall pay invoice value of item in addition to VAT and all commissions and / or fees due to the company. Payment shall be made within a maximum period of (3) three days inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (7) seven days outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In case the specified period has expired and no payment has been made, the client shall bear the custody fees and any resulting violations from his failure to adhere to the specified period.
  3. You shall pay the invoice value of item from a registered bank account in your name in any Saudi bank with clarifying the reason for the transfer, for example (item purchase value, type and plate number). Any cash paid to the company or to any of his employees is prohibited.
  4. In case you failed to pay invoice value of item in addition to the sales commission owed to the Company within a maximum period of three days of auction awarding notice, the Company shall have the right to forfeit the down payment of registration in the auction as what is displayed in the application. banning you from future bids and your Account will be terminated.
  5. In case of payment, you shall transfer the ownership and move the item from their location within (5) days. If you exceed such period, then you will bear the daily storage fees of (SAR 150) for the item or (SAR 500) for equipment per day or part of it.


After the auction ends


Cases of entitlement

The amount


Sale Value

The auction fees shall due if the buyer has been awarded the auction

The remaining purchase amount of the item


Sale Commission

The auction fees shall due if the buyer has been awarded the auction

1.5% or as what is shown in the application of the purchase price of the item for companies that are subject to VAT. 1.5% or as what is shown in the application of the purchase price of the item for companies/ individuals without VAT.


Value Added Tax

The auction prices are inclusive of tax by item’s suppliers for registered people and it is not subject to non-registered people


Custody fees for exceeding the allowed period of custody

Shall be paid if the item has been stored for more than (5) days of confirming receipt of the purchase price and the additional fees that may arise by the buyer.

150 Saudi riyals for cars and 500 Saudi Riyals for equipment for each day or part of a day


Value-added tax

All fees

15% will be applied on all service fees and commission

As per the law

In cases of sale from registered persons, two invoices are issued, the first from the person selling the item and the second from Mazadak with commission and electronic auction fees.


General Conditions:

  1. First: These Terms and Conditions shall represent “a legally binding” Agreement made between the Company and the User (whether seller, buyer, or bidder). This Agreement and the Use Policy shall govern your use of “Mazadak” services through the Application. As a User of Mazadak App, you shall carefully read the Terms and Conditions and the Use Policy before using Mazadak services, otherwise the App will not automatically accept the continuation of your registration process. Therefore, you will not be able to log in. Once you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Use Policy by clicking on “ I have read the Terms and Conditions and I agree to be complied with” you as such acknowledge that you duly read and understood its content.
  2. Secondly, in case of modifying any of the Terms and Conditions, the Company may notify the User (whether seller, buyer, or bidder) through any means of communication registered on the site. By using or benefiting from the services of Mazadak App after publishing the amended Terms and Conditions, it will be serve as  an acknowledgement and a consent from you to abide by them in the modified form.
  3. Third: All transactions shall be made in Saudi Riyals (SAR) currency. Mazadak App shall not be responsible for any loss resulting from the exchange between currencies and /or loss resulting from bank transfers between different currencies.
  4. The User shall provide a correct and accurate information. The User shall also comply with any notices that the Company serves regarding the provided services to ensure that Alpha Gulf Auction Company not face any hiccups on its operational operations.
  5. The Company shall have the right to impose, cancel, and/or amend additional fees, at any time, as per the Company’s discretion only according to the Agreement concluded between you and Alpha Gulf Auction Company pursuant to the Use Policy and Terms and Conditions. In case the company wants to object such additional fees, He shall inform the Company in this regard.
  6. Some items require certain approvals from related government sectors.
  7. User acknowledges that he by himself takes responsibility of transfer or deposit of any amounts in the wallet of the application ( Mazadak ). The user also acknowledges that he exempts the owner company of the auctions application from any liability resulting from the transfer or deposit of any amount in the wallet of his account in ( Mazadak ) application.
  8. Alpha Gulf Auctions Company shall have the full right to change or review the fees at any time. The Company should make every effort to inform you on the expenses and fees that may apply. The Company shall not responsible for failure to reach you. Before using the services, you shall automatically review and follow up the Terms and Conditions and update thereto.



You shall acknowledge and agree to indemnify the Company and /or affiliates, staff, directors, and our employees and /or employees with affiliates, immediately and upon request, for all claims, liabilities, losses, and costs, including legal fees arising from any breach or violation commits by you for these Terms and Conditions and the Use Policy or other damages arising from your use of Mazadak App.


Legal Responsibility:

  1. You will be legally responsible toward Alpha Gulf Auctions Company if you have used the services of Mazadak App to access information or data in violation of the principle of good faith.
  2. You shall not be a competitor for Mazadak App or offer any product similar to theses offered by Mazadak App.
  3. You will be legally responsible toward Alpha Gulf Auctions Company in case it becomes clear to it that you have ostensibly purchased and transferred item to another person, or you supported or concealed any crime or criminal act. You will also be responsible for impersonating another person because of the ban on your Account.
  4. You shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. The Company and its affiliate shall not expressly bear any responsibility arising from the unauthorized use of your User Account, any damages resulting from illegal penetration of the App by a third party. In case you suspect that any unauthorized party may use your User Account or suspect any other breach of security, you shall agree to notify us immediately in this regard.


Intellectual property and data ownership:

  1. All copyright and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and content which provided as part of the Mazadak App shall be a property of Alpha Gulf Auctions Company at all times.
  2. You may use this material or content only as authorized in writing by Alpha Gulf Auctions Company.
  3. You shall not assist or facilitate the work of third party to copy, reproduce, broadcast, distribute or adapt the material or content or using it in a commercial manner, or creating works thereto.
  4. If you become aware of a distribution or commercial exploitation of any kind, you agree to notify us directly.
  5. Whether personally or a third party, you agree not do the following matters:
  6. Using an automated process to process, monitor, copy, and extract any pages on Mazadak App or any information, content or data thereto or accessed through Mazadak App without obtaining our prior written consent.
  7. Using an automated process to collect or merge the information, content or data thereto that can be accessed through Mazadak App with the information, or materials or data that is accessed by, or whose source is, a third party.
  8. Using any automated process to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of Mazadak App.
  9. Performing any act that may form a large load in unreasonably or disproportionately manner for the available infrastructure or the bandwidth of Mazadak Application.
  10. Using a reverse engineering, reverse-collecting, disassembly, or any other work that would discover source code or other mathematical formulas or processors regarding the computer program used in the infrastructure and operations related to the website and Mazadak Application.
  11. Copying, reproducing, altering, modifying, derivative works or setting up a public offer of any part of the content of Mazadak App without our prior written consent.
  12. By submitting any data or content for Mazadak Application, you grant Alpha Gulf Auctions Company a non-exclusive, free of charge, permanent, transferable, global, non-revocable, sublicensable for use, reproduction, modification, editing, adaptation, translation, distribution, publication, copying, broadcasting and communication in any form, and in any work based on it for display or performance in front of an audience anywhere in the world through any media, now known or created in the future. Also, the Company may use the name you provided in connection with the content. You also gives us a license to prosecute any natural or legal person who violates your rights or our rights in this content. You acknowledge and agree that all content you submitted to Mazadak App is non-confidential and non-proprietary. You also acknowledge that you will do everything, execution all documents required to enable and allow us to fully benefit from the rights granted to us according to the requirements.



In case you violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions or if we believe, based on reasonable reasons, you may violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or if you perform a behavior that we believe, based on our absolute discretion, is unacceptable, we shall have the right to immediately terminate your use of Mazadak App.


Disputes Settlement

  1. In case of any dispute, claim or disagreement arising out or related to violation, termination, implementation, interpretation, or correctness these Terms and Conditions or the Use Policy, or the use of the Company’s App or services (“Disputes”), such disputes shall be amicably settled. In case such amicable dispute is impossible within (61) days, the dispute shall be referred to the competent judicial authorities for determination according to applicable Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. You shall acknowledge and agree that you will not publish any judicial or quasi-judicial serve of notices or post any complaints on social media platforms, otherwise Alpha Gulf Auctions Company may ask to compensate for any complaints or negative communications that you publish through all kinds and forms of social media platforms.


This Agreement made and entered into between the User (whether seller, buyer, or bidder) and Mazadak App. You shall read the Agreement before using Our Services. In case you are not agree to, you cannot benefit from Our Services.