Terms of use

Terms of Sale:

Using the online Mazadak App to sell is considered a legitimate and religious sale that requires offer and acceptance. The seller’s placement of item in the auction shall not mean an offer by him/ her for sale, rather it is an offer (without) an element of sale. The bidding and the price offer by the bidder are considered as an (acceptance) on his/ her side that has not been matched by the seller’s acceptance of selling the item yet, in case if the price is less than the price requested by the seller. Therefore, this does not mean the completion and conclusion of the sale. Alternativity, the seller shall accept the amount of the bidding proposed by the bidder for conclusion and completion the sale. In case the seller does not accept the amount, seller shall have four options to choose between them: re-list the auction at a fee as shown in the application, accept to sell at the auctioned price, offer at the showroom, or withdraw it with the following consideration:

1. The seller (Individual, institution, company) shall pay the fee after the sell according to what is mentioned in the app. In addition to the inspection fees of the vehicle.

2. If the seller is a financial entity, he is dealt with as a customer who is bind to the selling terms and conditions and Mazadak does not bear any dispute between the financial entity and its client in the event of sale according to the price agreed upon with the financial entity.

3. The seller shall disclose any deficiency in the item

4. The seller is not obligated to have an inspection report.

5. If the seller is an authorized broker, an official document shall be presented to sell an item through Mazadak.

6. The seller cannot withdraw an item until the auction ends. And the seller does not have the right to end the auction before the designated auction time is over (6 days) and incase of any unpaid fees, the seller is bound to pay before retrieving the item.

7. The App management provides transportation / shipping service from site of the transportation company / seller in the seller’s city to the branch site of the transportation company in the city of Riyadh / company headquarters or from the seller to the buyer’s location at a special price. The value of additional transportation from the site of the transportation company to the exhibition site or from the transportation company to the client’s location or from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location shall be calculated. As shown in the application.

8. The seller holds full responsibility for the item transportation in front of the official authorities and if the item has been reclaimed by the official authorities that restricting the company from proceeding/ concluding the deal then, the seller is irrespectively obligated to pay the service fees.

9. In case of any insurance claims related to the item damage / crash the buyer shall submit his claim to the transportation company and Mazadak will not be held accountable as a result of that.

10. Fees for any additional services shall be calculated according to the type of service, such as video filming of the item, price evaluation through the evaluation center, or an advanced display of the item through the browsing pages for different periods. The price shall be obtained through direct contact with the call center at 24/7 or holidays on No: 920026625.

11. Mazadak App determines the selling time as per day, hour and location of the item whenever the vehicle is ready to be inserted into the app and as per the company convenience.

12. Once the auction ends at the minimum agreed upon / above amount with the seller, Mazadak is authorized to finalize the selling process without reverting to the seller except special financial entities who request their permission to execute selling process according to their procedures.

13. Once the auction ends at less than the minimum agreed upon price by the seller then, Mazadak must refer to the seller to grant his approval.

Terms of Purchase: 1. The bidder or the buyer understands that auction fees on the items are not sufficient for the auction to be awarded, but the acceptance of the (seller) shall be required for the price where the auction is awarded, otherwise, the sale will not be concluded and the bidder or the buyer will not be worth the item.

2. After transferring the value and amount received by the App management, the buyer shall have the right to request an inspection report. Accordingly, the report is downloaded as per the possible means of communication.

3. In case of using the (Buy Now) feature (an immediate purchase of the vehicle without entering the auction), the User shall deposit the item’s value as shown in the application to complete the purchase process after accepting the application’s terms and conditions.

4. In case the buyer wins the auction, the buyer, after complecting the total payment shall issue the required insurance to transfer ownership. The company shall not deem responsible for any consequence occurs of such delay.

5. The buyer upholds ownership transfer official fees, in addition of SAR 100 service charge fee.

6. The bidder or purchaser may apply to join the auction by fulfilling and meeting the following requirements:

In the custody yard, all bidders or buyers shall comply with the laws and regulations of the custody yard, which are: